steel bracket Department and steel fence Department attend industry trade show home & abroad

In order to promote the products further increase the market share, our machine department and steel items department attended industry trade shows domestic and overseas. Staff prepared elaborately for every show. Resort to excellent technique, our highperformance machines attracted much attention in the shows, many visitors stopped and watched, some of them consulted their problem, our professional engineers suggested them and offered them method to process improvement. Customers were very satisfied and reached purchase agreement on site.

Trade show not only a industry feast, but also vintage trip. All machines on the show were sold out, orders of our noodle making machines were arranged to June next year; orders of leather machines were placed to March next year. Some customers discussed with our engineers about certain problems about machine’s function and operation, they stated their product’s feature , and explained their demand to these machines, our engineers noted it down, said we can make machines as per their requirement. In this way we got many new customers and valuable suggestions form our agency.

We also showed the new products of steel items on the exhibitions, our products are novelty with rigorous process, our timber connectors were plated very well , powdercoated mount brackets looked wonderful . Many foreign visitors gathered around our booth, they expressed great interest in these items. They inquired some questions, such as material, guarantee time, packing and so on. Our technicians replied patiently, they acknowledged and praised our staff, finally they all became our new customers.

In order to hold successful trade show, all staff in our company contributed ideas and efforts, every team positively coordinated, reflected staff’s good teamwork spirit. We firmly believe, under company leaders’ wise guidance and everyone’s effort, next year we must create better performance!


Post time: Apr-22-2023